Mission Statement

"To provide reliable, intuitive, and secure website solutions to those who need them most, at the lowest possible cost."

Every CASA program needs a website to serve as a point of contact for their community, and many CASAs make use of custom-programmed online tools to help manage their cases.

For the Cause

CASAsites.org was founded by a small group of programmers, designers, and IT specialists who have worked with the national CASA program in the past. We noticed a trend of CASA representatives anguishing over budgetary concerns. A good-looking, functional website can cost thousands to get off the ground. Hosting can run between $60 to $100 monthly, just to keep your site up. Specialized tools are a different concern entirely; programmers can charge $150 per hour to write custom server-side code.

We do not believe these costs are commensurate with the services being rendered, and that organizations who provide help to displaced children should not have their funding be taken advantage of. So we decided to provide an all-in-one portal for CASAs to launch a website for free, and administer related services at a greatly-reduced cost. Hosting expenses are a fraction of the industry standard. E-mails and domain registration are provided at-cost, and custom programming tasks are provided at an 80% discount for non-profits.


CASAsites.org takes advantage of the ultra-scalable Amazon Web Services to allocate resources between websites, keeping operating costs at a minimum. With every process streamlined, and all the online storage we need provisioned in advance, CASAsites.org is able to provide service with unrivaled reliability and cost.