How we do the voodoo we do

CASAsites.org makes use of Amazon Web Services for unrivaled uptime, scalability, and security.

CASAsites.org provides the bulk of its services through the AWS Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), which is a virtual server or set of servers that can be spun up, fitted with RAM and storage, and put into use in a matter of minutes. Everything inside an EC2 server instance is customizable, scalable, and able to integrate with other AWS applications, meaning we can meet the needs of thousands of clients at the drop of a hat.

Because of our ability to provision all service needs in advance with AWS, we can offer unrivaled reliability, storage, speed, and cost.


Amazon's EC2 service recorded 2.41 hours of downtime across 20 outages in 2014, meaning it was up and running 99.997% of the time. This is the uptime guarantee we offer clients. If your website is ever down or inaccessible for any length of time, your monthly hosting fee will be waived for that month.

The one exception to this rule is for scheduled maintenance, which takes place every Saturday evening at approximately 11:59 PM Pacific Standard Time, but rarely results in any service interruption.


Through special provisioning of resources in the Elastic Block Store and S3 Storage Containers, CASAsites.org is able to offer unlimited storage to clients without any additional monthly cost. Everybody's storage needs are different, so if you need a special upload mechanism or a large amount of space to go with your site, please let us know.


CASAsites.org employs the CloudFront Content-Delivery Network (CDN) technology to ensure that any pages containing static content are delivered with no lag or latency, no matter where in the world you view them.